IT ALL BEGAN in 1996 when ' Harish Joshi '(FOUNDER) returned to his village to take up farming full-time. With purposeful steps in pursuit of Soil-health, today Divine Agro is a biodiverse, self-sustaining food system, certified by USOCA, located in Ramnagar , Uttarakhand.

Our work is inspired by the simplicity and stillness of the village life and guided by principles of Regenerative Agriculture. While securing Rural livelihoods and employment, we harness the power of Community to offer solutions to Public Health and Climate Change.

Our Work

Our work with marginalized smallholding farmers of Uttrakhand involves careful evaluation of farmland, farming practices and handholding to make the transition to Organic farming. We work with smallholding organic farmers and help them with access to markets through tight value chains and a fair 5-10x price for their produce.

For The Soil

The true meaning of existence lies in balance. We commit to create & operate responsibly and sustainably. Mindful use of resources, environmental friendly alternatives and mother earth loving ways will be our small contribution in nabling that balance. Because she is the source of everything.